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Should College Football Players Be Paid?

There is a lot of money in college football. In 2011, the University of Texas made over $100 million in revenue from various sources around football, including television deals, merchandising, and ticket sales. Many of the top schools have stadiums that seat over 80,000 people, some over 100,000 people, and schools are developing their own […]

Brief History Of National Championships

In the late 60s, college football was still holding its own as the dominant sport in many southern locales. But unlike the NFL, it wasn’t terribly well organized. Despite massive popularity, NCAA football was still considered an exhibition in many crucial respects. Voting for the Heisman Trophy, the Playboy All-American team and the Top 10 […]

Four Team Playoff Is Perfect

Note: This article is a rebuttal to our YouTube debate that inspired the 2017 Virtual College Playoff. The calls for College Football Playoff expansion are predictably even louder this season. While in year one most seemed to agree with the four teams that were chosen to fight it out for the ultimate prize in college […]

The Perfect 2017 College Playoff?

On December 22nd, we were discussing the 2016/17 College Football Playoff and came up with an amazing alternative. Watch the historic YouTube debate that inspired the 2017 Virtual College Playoff:   tubeembed   During the debate, we agreed that in an alternate world… All P5 conference champions would automatically qualify for the playoff Up to […]

Picking The Best Head Coach In College Football

There are 128 schools playing in the college football bowl subdivision. That means there are 128 head coaches out there doing their best week after week to make their program better. Some are specialist recruiters, others are great at the x’s and o’s of the game, still more focus on development of players within the […]

Star Players Skipping Bowl Games to Prepare for the Draft

Christian McCaffery of the Stanford Cardinal and Leonard Fournette of the LSU Tigers skipped their team’s bowl game to concentrate on getting ready for the NFL Draft. Rarely had there been a more polarizing reaction among fans and pundits. Everyone seemed to be coming down emphatically on one side or the other. After listening to […]

Top 3 NCAA Football Conferences of 2016

In the media, NCAA conference superiority is not always determined by head-to-head competition. “I don’t know that it will make a difference,” lamented Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson after the ACC went 4-0 head-to-head with the SEC on a Saturday in 2014. “We’ll (the Atlantic Coast Conference) probably have to do it consistently, 2 […]

The 2016 Heisman Finalists

The Heisman Trophy is awarded annually to the most outstanding player in college football. Out of all the postseason awards handed out by the various bodies and trusts around the NCAA (and there are many), this is the award everyone wants to win. Taking home the Heisman Trophy grants you a lifetime pass into the […]

Our Top 10 Ranking – Take 2

The Coaches had their say, and so did the computers. Even the College Football Playoff Committee had a chance to rank the teams as best it saw fit. All those bodies though are bound by slightly different sets of rules and criteria when it comes to placing their top 10 teams. While the various groups […]

How We Would Rank The Teams

Those in charge of ranking FBS teams – and determining a four-team College Football Playoff – are given a lot of undue grief. While the job is not easy, there are indeed some systemic issues with the current polls. Our “true Top 10” shows how the ranked teams might look, if placed in a fair […]