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The Perfect 2017 College Playoff?

On December 22nd, we were discussing the 2016/17 College Football Playoff and came up with an amazing alternative. Watch the historic YouTube debate that inspired the 2017 Virtual College Playoff:




During the debate, we agreed that in an alternate world…

  1. All P5 conference champions would automatically qualify for the playoff
  2. Up to 3 teams would be awarded a wild card, based on the strength of the field during the season
  3. The playoff would consist of 3 rounds:
    • Quarterfinals (up to 4 games)
    • Semifinals (2 games)
    • Championship Game

Moreover, in 2017:

  1. The wild cards would be awarded to Penn State (ranked #5) and Michigan (#6)
  2. Alabama would have a bye in the quarterfinals

Therefore, the Perfect 2017 College Football Playoff would start with three quarterfinals:

  • Penn State @ Washington
  • Michigan @ Ohio State
  • Oklahoma @ Clemson

giving Alabama a bye.

Do you agree?


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