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2017 Virtual CFP

A More Perfect College Football Playoff
(2017-18 Season)

An alternate version of the 2017-18 College Football Playoff that features MORE teams and is a lot more ENTERTAINING


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College football isn’t perfect, but it could be made more perfect – and we can start by expanding the playoff.
SportFiction proudly presents … an improved version of the 2017-18 College Football Playoff that features the TOP 7 teams in the nation.
According to our sophisticated simulation engine, a playoff with Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC, and Wisconsin provides the best possible conclusion to the 2017-18 season.
First, we explain and take sides on various controversies in the world of college football, such as:

Then, we argue for an expanded playoff format that gives an automatic berth to each Power Five conference champion and allows up to three wildcard teams.
Finally, we imagine that a playoff expansion happened in 2017 and recap the details of every game in the thrilling tournament, incl.

Take a uniquely fun journey to an alternate dimension, and don’t forget to leave us any and all of your feedback!